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Budget 60 Boxes Moving Pack

Budget 60 Boxes Moving Pack

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Product Description

Budget 60 boxes pack contains 60 high quality cardboard boxes which all individually come with printed house grids and content labeling sections.

This pack also includes 2 Sealing tapes which are used for taping items and sealing boxes.

Also included is 1 black permanent marker pen for labeling and marking the house grid.

All these items are of high quality and are exactly what you need for a large move or a house with a lot of clutter.

Items to consider adding to this pack are bubble wrap, tissue paper, and furniture protection covers. All these will add that added protection which your items will need during your home relocation.

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60 X General house moving boxes 18"x13"x13")
2 X Carton sealing tape
1 X Permanent Maker Pen (black)

Technical Details

Colour Brown
Cardboard Type Single Wall
QTY 60 boxes
Size 60 Budget Boxes pack
Length No
Width No
Depth No
Height No
Printed No
Grade No