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Budget 20 Boxes Moving Pack

Budget 20 Boxes Moving Pack

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Product Description

Budget 20 boxes pack is ideal for a small flat move which doesn’t need a variety of different box sizes such as a large box.

This bundle of fine quality cardboard boxes includes house grids and a content labeling area on each box. This creates easy packing and unpacking knowing which area the box initiated from. Every 20 budget boxes pack come with 20 strong walled cardboard boxes, 1 black marker pen, and 1 roll of packing tape.

All content and quantity of items within this pack is also shown below.

Great items to include with this pack are bubble wrap, tissue paper, and mattress and sofa protection covers. All these providing extra protection to all your items large or small. These items can be found in our bubble wrap, packing & tissue paper, and furniture protection cover sections.

20 X General moving boxes (18"x13"x13")
1 X Packing tape
1 X Permanent Maker Pen

Technical Details

Colour Brown
Cardboard Type Single Wall
QTY 20 boxes
Size 20 Budget Boxes pack
Length 457mm
Width 333mm
Depth No
Height 333mm
Printed Yes
Grade No