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2x Bubble Wrap 500mm x 10 Metres

2x Bubble Wrap 500mm x 10 Metres

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Product Description

Contains two rolls of 500mm x 10 metre bubble wrap, enough to pack approximately 5 boxes and 3 large pictures.
10mm diameter x 4mm high small bubbles bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is the most used packaging material in professional house moving. Bubble wrap rolls are a great way to wrap anything ranging from small fragile items to large heavy items, bubble wrap is also great as a box filler to stop items moving about to prevent damages.

Length: 2 X 10 Metres
Width: 500mm
Bubbles: 10mm Wide / 4mm High

Technical Details

Width 500mm
Length 10 metres
Rolls 2
Bubble Size 10mm width x 4mm height
Colour Clear
Printed No